The Content Tab

The Content tab is used to add and configure Display Components, which are the basic building blocks of web content that will appear on the page. There are many kinds of Display Components, ranging from text, images, and attachments to listservs, blogs, and calendars. Each document can contain as many Display Components as needed.

the content tab

The content tab

To add a component to a document, click the Add Component button and select the type of component from the dropdown menu. The place in dropdown specifies which editable region of the template will receive the component. The move up and move down buttons change the position of the component in relation to the other components on the page. Remove Component simply removes the component from the page.

In addition, each type of display component has its own variables and options, which should be adjusted according to the user’s needs.

Multiple design elements can be added as needed by repeating the process. When finished, click the Save and Exit Document Configuration button.

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